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  • Registration for Athletic Division teams is open until 12/17 *******  Rec Division registration will be open from 12/10 - 2/28/19
Welcome to the Sycamore Baseball and Softball Association

Our purpose is to provide an organized framework for the promotion, organization and execution of participative baseball and softball activities for boys and girls in the Sycamore School District in Cincinnati Ohio. Our baseball and softball leagues, teams and games are organized so that competition serves the best interest of all participants appropriate for their personal levels of maturity and skill.

SBSA is truly unique in our three-tiered approach to player development with our Recreational, Athletic and Sycamore Squadron select programs. We are also extremely proud and fortunate to have an indoor training facility available for all of our teams to use free of charge year ‘round. We believe that we are the only community dedicated organization in the country that can make this claim. Last but not least, all of our teams have the absolute best baseball and softball facility in the region to call home, the Blue Ash Sports Center.

The SBSA Board of Directors is committed to providing the Sycamore School District with high quality and diverse baseball and softball programs. If you have any feedback or questions, now or throughout the season, please feel free to contact any of the Board members through the Feedback or Contacts links on our website.

Michael Matthews
President, SBSA


Registration is open for Athletic and Rec Division teams

Registration is open!

SBSA offers two different levels of Knothole baseball. Please read the descriptions below to determine the right league for your player.

SBSA intends to create a fluid, organization-wide approach for baseball player development. We want to build a consistent, age-specific process that will allow players to play at higher levels of competition as they grow in skill.

Recreational Division

Recreational Division teams are for players that are interested in playing baseball in a fun atmosphere where equal playing time, fundamentals and teamwork are stressed. These teams are best for players of any skill level that want to play organized baseball but with less of a time commitment than the more competitive Athletic Division requires. This is a foundational league which is offered to all age groups within SBSA.

Athletic Division
Your family might be new to the Athletic Division process, so here is a brief explanation:
*Our organization fields Athletic Division teams in D Sr. (typically 3rd grade) through A (typically 8th grade). Players with higher skill level and families willing to commit to winter practices and the summer tournament are welcome to sign up for the Athletic Division. Rosters are limited and might require an assessment of players by the coaches at each age level.
Players that are not drafted by an Athletic Division team will be notified by SBSA via email or phone call that they will be placed on a Recreational Division team.
*Weekly practices will begin in January at the SBSA Training Center, practices will increase to 2 - 3 times per week in March.
*Regular season games begin in April and ends mid- to late June.
*Athletic Division teams have the opportunity to be invited to play in the City Tournament in July. The tournament will begin just after July 4th, and it will last 2 to 3 weeks. Our expectation is the commitment of all players and coaches in the Athletic Division to be available to play the City Tournament.
*Fees for the Athletic Division are set at $75.00 above the cost of the Recreational Division at each age class because these players receive an extra jersey and play in more games throughout the season. 

Click here to get registered for SBSA Recreational or Athletic Division baseball

by Larry Fields posted 12/10/2018
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Visit our partners at the Blue Ash Recreation Center

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posted 11/21/2012
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01. Grooms Field #1 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
02. Grooms Field #2 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
03. Grooms Field #3 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
04. Grooms Field #4 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
05. Grooms Field #5 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
06. Grooms Field #6 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
07. Grooms Field #7 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
08. Grooms Field #8 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
09. Grooms Field #9 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
10. Grooms Field #10 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
11. Grooms Field #11 - Blue Ash OPEN (12/14) 
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Swaim Park #1 - Montgomery  -- 
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Sycamore HS #3 - Montgomery  -- 
Sycamore HS #4 - Montgomery  -- 
Sycamore HS #5 - Montgomery  -- 
Sycamore JH #1 - Blue Ash  -- 
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Weller Park #1 - Montgomery  -- 
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