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Indoor Training Center FAQ

Q.  What does BARC stand for?

A.  The Blue Ash Recreation Center

Q.  Where is BARC located?

A.  BARC is located at 4433 Cooper Rd in Blue Ash

Q.  Where is the SBSA training area be located at BARC?

A.  The SBSA training facility is located in the basement and is only available to teams and players registered for the current baseball/softball season.  It is accessible via the doors across from the climbing wall.  All teams and individuals must check-in at the front desk before proceeding to the training center. Teams should meet in the hallway across from the climbing wall and wait until all players are present before going downstairs.

Q.  What is the configuration of the training area?

A.  The entire training area is covered with field turf to allow the space to be used for fielding and to provide long life for baseballs/softballs used in the area.  3 pitching/catching areas will be available as well as an infielding area and an area for batting tunnels and soft toss.

Q.  What type of training will be offered?

A.  SBSA will be offering several types of training for both players and coaches.  All coaches will be required to attend a meeting and training class that will be conducted in early March, usually from 9:00-12:00.  In addition, SBSA has partnered with Champions to provide individual, small group, and team training/lessons on Monday nights.  Cost will be $25 per player per hour for small group lessons, individual lessons are $40 per 30 minutes session, and team lessons cost $200 per team per hour.   Also, SBSA teams will be able to reserve space in the training area to conduct indoor practices during BARC operating hours.

Q.  How do I schedule a small group lesson with Champions or a team practice time at the BARC facility?

A.  Please visit our training page for more information regarding scheduling time at the facility.

Q.  How did this all come to fruition?

A.  The SBSA Board recognizes that in order to field competitive teams in both baseball and softball, training must be made available to coaches and teams during the offf season.  This facility will allow our players to improve their skills in the off season and will allow our coaches to be trained in order to provide a more meanigful experience for everyone involved.

Q.  What if I have more questions about this facility that I cannot find answers to here in the FAQ or on the Training page?

A.  It is important to point out that while this facility exists in the Blue Ash Recreation Center, it will be operated soley by SBSA.  All questions regarding it's use and scheduling of time should be directed to our .   Additional contact information can be found on our SBSA Board page.