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The Sycamore Squadron is a select baseball organization that has its teams play in the Southwest Ohio League (SWOL). Squadron teams compete in SWOL divisions based on skill level (National, American and Continental) and in age ranges from 10U to 17U. The Sycamore Squadron is part of SBSA and plays under the SBSA By-laws.

Teams are selected through a tryout process held in July after the SWOL baseball season has ended. Although the majority of players on a Squadron team must reside in the Sycamore School District, players from other communities outside of the district can try out and may be asked to play on a Squadron team.The number/percentage of players on each Squadron team that must reside in the Sycamore School District is stated in the SBSA By-laws. Head coaches and assistant coaches for each Squadron team are volunteers and are not paid. Head coaches for each team are selected by the Squadron Board after a careful vetting process to insure that they are the most appropiate person who will treat each player and their family with respect and can coach and teach baseball at a higher level that is required by the Squadron and SBSA in order for the team and organization to succeed. Head coaches then select assistant coaches who also will uphold the values the Sycamore Squadron and SBSA expect of their coaches. At the conclusion of the baseball season, SBSA will conduct an evaluation of all Squadron head coaches by way of a parent/guardian electronic survey. If at any point during the season a parent/guardian has an issue with a coach that they feel like they cannot address with the the head coach or an assistant coach, they are encouraged to contact a member of the Sycamore Squadron Board.

The cost to play on a Sycamore Squadron team will vary depending on factors such as number of games played in a season, number of tournaments played in a season, cost of uniforms, field fees, umpire fees and other costs associated with running a select baseball team. The cost will differ from team to team and will be determined by the coaching staff.

The Sycamore Squadron Committee consists of the following members:

Larry Fields - Squadron Committee
Matthew Schwertman - Head Coach 10U
Greg Leader - Head Coach 11U
Bob Decker - Head Coach 12U
Jeff Heaton & Ryan Douglas - Head Coaches 13U
John Yengo - Head Coach 14U
Dan Eifert - Head Coach 17U
Carl Swart - President, SBSA
SBSA VP of Player Development