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Who to Contact
Our Board members and other member volunteers are listed below the areas and tasks for which they have taken responsibility. Click on the contact's name to send them an email.

We suggest that any questions relating to a specific team, either pre-season or during the season, be directed first to the coach then to the League Coordinator or Baseball/Softball Coordinator.


Member Association Role(s) E-Mail Phone #
Michael Matthews    President (513) 655-7138
Mert Adkins Knothole Schedules, Rules (513) 470-6162
Irving Brown Umpires  
Larry Fields VP of Player Development, Equipment, Registration (513) 235-4427
Carl Swart Treasurer / Secretary (513) 404-5650
Mike Thomas Softball League Coordinator

(513) 602-4036

Beau Schuetz VP of Operations, Baseball Coordinator (513) 479-9241
Matt Schwertman Sycamore Squadron (513) 368-0509
Beau Schuetz Instructional League Coordinator (513) 479-9241
Jeff Meyrose BB Jr League Coordinator (513) 497-4028
Mark Hoge BB Sr League Coordinator (513) 608-0204
Nick Reuszer D Jr League Coordinator (513) 600-7741
Ted Fitz D Sr League Coordinator (513) 545-3850
Ted Fitz C Jr League Coordinator (513) 545-3850
Ted Fitz C Sr League Coordinator (513) 305-3850
Phil Edmondson B Jr League Coordinator (513) 885-0263
Phil Edmondson B Sr League Coordinator (513) 885-0263
Steve Ferguson A Jr & Sr / AA League Coordinator (513) 403-7437