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SBSA Indoor Training Center Rules of Use

The following document summarizes the rules that must be followed by all SBSA coaches, players, and families while using the SBSA Training Center at the Blue Ash Recreation Center (BARC). Failure to comply with the rules could result in a player, parent, team, or coach being barred from future use of the SBSA Training Center.

Team Practices

The following procedures must be followed when attending a team practice or a Monday night Champions instructor-led team lesson at the SBSA Training Center.

1. Everyone should enter the Blue Ash Recreation Center through the main entrance on the west side of the building and proceed to the front desk.

2. Coaches should make every effort to arrive in advance of their team. Ask your team to arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled practice time and try to be at the front desk 5 minutes before you ask your team to be there.

3. When coaches check-in their team, the following requirements MUST be met or access to the SBSA Training Center will be denied by BARC front desk personnel.

a. The team must be on the schedule submitted to BARC by SBSA Board personnel at the correct time slot. If there is a discrepancy, BARC personnel have been instructed to contact the SBSA BARC Coordinator (Paul Jahn) to resolve the discrepancy.

b. The coach whose name appears on the SBSA Training Center schedule must show a valid picture id when checking in the team. When scheduling a team practice via the SBSA on-line scheduling tool, you MUST name two coaches who will be present at the practice.

c. A second coach or parent must be present and in the training center with the team.

d. The coach must present a roster with a list of names of ALL players and parents that will be present in the SBSA Training Center during the team practice.


4. After checking in, all players, coaches, and parents that were included on the roster submitted to the front desk may make their way to the SBSA Training Center located in the lower level of the building as directed by BARC personnel.

5. All players and coaches may prepare for their practice by unpacking any equipment, etc .... while waiting for the team ahead of them to finish their practice.

6. Only water is allowed in the Training Center. Food and other drink items are not permitted.

7. All players, coaches, and parents MUST stay in the designated SBSA Training Center while in the basement. If a player needs to use the restroom and absolutely cannot wait, he or she MUST be escorted to the restroom by a parent or coach.

8. Please finish your practice on-time as a courtesy to the next team that is scheduled to use the Training Center. If a team is not practicing after you, please turn out the overhead lights when leaving.

9. All players must be escorted up the steps by either a coach or parent.

10. The coach must stay at the Blue Ash Recreation Center until all players have been picked up by a parent.

Champions Instructor-Led Lessons

The following procedures must be followed when attending a Champions instructor-led private or small group lesson on Mondays nights at the SBSA Training Center.

1. Please try to arrive at the Blue Ash Recreation Center 5 to 10 minutes before your lesson.

2. Enter the building from the west end and proceed to the front desk.

3. Please check in as an individual or with your small group at the front desk. For individual lessons, a parent MUST accompany the player to the SBSA Training Center. For small group lessons, only one parent MUST accompany the small group to the Training Center.

4. When you arrive in the Training Center, please let the Champions instructor know when you have arrived.

Use of the Blue Ash Recreation Center for Non-Members

Parents and families are welcome to stay at the Blue Ash Recreation Center if they need to as they wait for their player's practice or small group lesson to conclude. If you have any questions about what you are allowed to do or where you are allowed to go at the Blue Ash Recreation Center as a non-member, front desk personnel will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Here are a few things you might want to check out . . .

1. The BARC has a wonderful new cafe area adjacent to the front desk. Snacks and drinks are available for purchase and there is a comfortable sitting area available with tables and free WIFI.

2. The climbing wall is available for use for a small fee.

3. Other classes may be available for a small fee.